How to Type Bold, Italics, Strikethrough and Upside Down Text in WhatsApp

Are you WhatsApp chat service users? Already know that on WhatsApp there is a feature to write bold, italic, upside down to the color text on WhatsApp? If not, then it is appropriate when you read the article this time, because on this occasion the Update Gadget will give tips on how to make bold writing, how to make upside down writing, how to make italics, how to make colored posts on WhatsApp very easily and quickly .


As in Microsoft Word, WhatsApp also provides features to make writing in bold letters. For how to make bold writing on WhatsApp , you just have to add a small asterisk alias alias (*) to the prefix and post suffix.


The second way is to make italics on WhatsApp. So that the posts on your WhatsApp can be tilted, then you need to add punctuation underscore (_) which is placed on the prefix and the end of the writing.


Next is about how to make the writing crossed out ( writing crossed out ) on WhatsApp. As usual, you also have to add characters at the beginning and end of the writing. Characters that you have to add to make writing crossed on WhatsApp are tilde aka curly strips (~).

Upside Down

For how to make reverse writing on WhatsApp, the way you have to do is a little different because it can’t be done directly on WhatsApp. Instead, you have to first access a third party website that does provide features to make the writing upside down. First, please contact the Ceebydithwebsite. Please Buddy enter the text that you want to make upside down in the first column. Later, the results of the writing in reverse form will be presented in the second column. The last step, you just copy-paste the inverted text on WhatsApp. In addition to WhatsApp, how to make this inverted writing can also be applied to BBM, Facebook, Line and various other chat services.



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