How to Migrate from HDD to SSD ( Solid-State Drive) Without Reinstalling Windows

SSD is the best way to host Operating System in the computer. It can improve loading speed, computing speed, and of course boost user experience and performance.

The there are some problem may appears when we want to upgrade to SSD from HDD, like how about the current windows in the HDD, how about the data, should we install fresh windows in SSD and migrate data manually from old HDD to new SSD?. No, you don’t have to. There is a free tools to migrate from your old HDD to new SSD and just plug and play the new SSD to the slod of old HDD. No configuration needed. Just Clone.

Below is the step by step on how to migrate from old HDD to new SSD. This process using the scenario that we want to replace old laptop HDD to new SSD.

Step 1. Download Macrium Reflect

Download the Macrium Reflect ( Free Edition) , the tools that we will used to clone our HDD.

Step 2. Connect new SSD to Computer

Use SATA to USB connector or HDD/SSD enclosure to connect new SSD to the computer using USB port.

Step 3. Setting up The Clone

Open the Macrium Reflect. Choose Disk Source and Destination

Step 4. Activating The Clone

Review the clone configuration and proceed to clone

Step 5. Replace HDD to SSD

After finishing clone process, disconnect SSD from computer. Shot down the computer. Open the HDD bay and carefully take out the HDD. Put the SSD to the Drive bay and make sure all things are put correctly and firmly.

Step 6. Test the New SSD

Turn on the computer and voile. Your computer now is powered with Solid-State Drive without reinstalling windows. All your software and data available in the new SSD.

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