How to delete a Facebook account permanently and easily, even if you forget the password

Facebook is the most popular social media. You could say almost everyone is connected on Facebook. Various features in the social network made by Mark Zuckerberg indeed makes it easier for us to keep-in-touch again with old friends, distant families, and our colleagues at work and campus.

But now Facebook is no longer as fun as before. Various things such as the amount of fake news, targeted marketing that is often disturbing, even our old friends who turned out to make posts that did not match our preferences. This makes us more and more lazy to network again on Facebook.

Delete Facebook Account

If you are fed up with Facebook, you can take a way to delete your Facebook account permanently, meaning you will not have a Facebook account again forever. How to permanently delete a Facebook account can be quite complicated, because it has a few simple steps. In addition, how to permanently delete a Facebook account also takes a long time. Here’s how to permanently delete a Facebook account:

  1. Please enter this link.
  2. Click the “delete my account” option in the right corner.
  3. Enter your Facebook password, and select several images as requested for verification.
  4. Your Facebook has been entered in the deletion list with a period of delete 14 days to 90 days.

True, how to permanently delete a Facebook account will take 14 days to 90 days, depending on how many posts you send on Facebook as long as you are a user. To be more secure, you are also advised to ‘download copy’ or download a copy of your various posts on Facebook starting from personal Wall posts, photos and profiles. The trick, just enter the settings menu, then select “download copy” which is at the bottom, then click “download archive”.

You are also required to integrate your Facebook account from various applications after taking a way to permanently delete this Facebook account. Because the various applications are still using your Facebook account to log in. Usually this application is a variety of e-commerce, various ticket and hotel ordering applications, as well as streaming applications like Spotify. There is no instant way, you have to check what applications you are actively using but are still connected to Facebook, then delete them one by one.

Delete Others People Account

Facebook does not only provide a way to delete our own account, but Facebook also provides help to delete Facebook others. Then how do I delete someone else’s Facebook account?

There are two conditions: first, the owner of the account is unable to operate Facebook physically.Second, the account owner has died. The process of how to delete someone else’s Facebook account is also expected to be done by family members or close relatives.

Of course you cannot secretly delete someone else’s account that is still well operated by its users. As the writer explained above, this option must be done to your family or close relatives who are no longer physically able or have died.

How to delete someone else’s Facebook:

  1. Enter this page
  2. Fill in your full name in the column provided
  3. Fill in the full name of the Facebook user that you want to deactivate in the provided column
  4. Fill in the web address or URL of the user (URL can be found in the address bar in your browser)
  5. Fill in the email address of the user you want to deactivate
  6. Check one of the options provided by Facebook
  7. Write additional information if you have questions or requests to Facebook for this user account
  8. Click “send” or “send”

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