How to Access an Android Phone Without Password

Smart phone users often lock their devices using a password, PIN, or pattern . This is done of course to maintain data security if the cellphone is lost or stolen.

But not infrequently users often forget their own password . If the user insists on opening the device with any password, the data contained in the cellphone can be automatically deleted or the cellphone can no longer be used.

Using Android Device Manager

The easiest way is to use device manager services provided by Google. First go to the following page.

Then, you must log in to the Google account used on your device. After that a list of devices using e-mail will appear.

After that, select the right device and then click the arrow button on the right side of the device list. Later you will be faced with several options.

Select the “lock your phone” option then enter a new password to change the password or old pattern you are using.

When finished, click the “lock” button at the bottom. That way you have a new password that you can use to open the device.

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